my song is love

by A. Falomo

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Inspired by the first line of Coldplay's song, A Message (which in turn was inspired by the hymn, My Song Is Love Unknown), "my song is love" is an audio project of love poems by the poet - Ayokunle Falomo.

The audio project starts with"introlude" - a sound bite from his mom about what love is and transitions into Ayokunle's thoughts on what "Love Is..." After presenting "a song in the key of love," inspired by and a tribute to Stevie Wonder's extensive discography, Ayokunle takes a brief moment in "Ayo's Interlude" to muse over a love that does not yet exist. The next two poems that follow his interlude ("aisthēsis" - which stands for general perception with all the senses, as well as the impression that the perceived leaves on the body; and "Butterfly") continue his musings by sharing, though inspired by real interactions, idealistic representations of love.

As the project draws closer to an end, Paul Tripp in "Paul's Interlude" invites the listener to view love not merely from a romantic perspective, which then leads the poet, in "aGAPe," following a beautiful rendition of the hymn - Amazing Grace by Victoria Gbenjo and a piano accompaniment by Brian Rincon, to marvel at and attempt to understand the incomprehensibility of the kind of love Paul describes. The project stops with "stop", while extending an invitation to the listener to do the same, as a way to pay attention to loved ones. As he says in his closing words, "a lot of things happen, even when we STOP."


released February 14, 2016

Heart featured on the cover art for the project was designed by Kara Gray for TEDxHouston 2015.


all rights reserved



A. Falomo Houston, Texas a/an: Nigerian. poet - who uses his pen as a shovel to unearth those things that make us human. lover: of almonds. the color blue. hymns. grapes. conversations. and turkey bacon. TEDx speaker. author of the collection of poems titled "thread, this wordweaver must!". dreamer. American. He enjoys walking. and talking to himself. which he does...a lot. ... more

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Track Name: Love Is...
sacrificial, and jealous

it is not. It is
everything that I am not.

I've heard it makes a hero
of a common man. It fascinates me

how it seems that everyone except me

understands that. I've failed numerous
times to understand

how anyone except me would have no
hesitation to excavate with their bare hands
the ticking time bomb (the chimes of wedding
bells often sound so to me) the promise:

to love, adore, honor and to cherish
without conditions another soul
till our bodies give way
to provide escape for our souls

is, without any fear that it might explode
before it is too late for it to be disarmed.

There is nothing super about the powers
I have, but I'm learning


there is everything super about the powers
of love, and I'm learning

to let go of my shields, to take the armors off
(they are too heavy anyways) and march
unguarded, if ever the need arises
towards the battlefield in defense of love.
Track Name: a song in the key of love
I sometimes wonder
what Stevie sees. I wonder

what colors he dreams in,
what note his reality chooses
to sing in. I wonder

if he sees the melodies
that come freely to him like flight
to a dove in painted shades of blue
or as bright as the golden sun.

I wish I could see what
he did that make him ask

isn't she lovely? Lover,

isn't it lovely, how
this gift of love

accompanied with an
everlasting promise

like the rainbow, a ribbon
in the sky

is signed, sealed, and delivered
to us!? Forgive me, I am still

a stranger on the shore
of love, and though I know
not where it is anymore,

I too want to go home. I wonder
if your arms will welcome me
as I, for the last time, kiss lonely

Track Name: Ayo's Interlude
I stopped searching when I found you
the way you glowed it was as if you had angels to surround you
I'm not a stalker
but i had to follow you around the town
just so I can know more about you
like, what is it about you
that makes my heart skip a beat
when i see you, my friends think that I'm insane,
and they keep saying
it'll be a feat to win you.
so, I'll be on my feet, chasing.
Slow down to catch my breath for a minute
and then, increase my pacing, I mean it!
And you can bank on my words
like the Chase in
the corner of the streets of my eyelids
cos see the first day i saw you, you
left a mark
and I swear, nothing can erase it
There is gold in your eyes,
and the way they spark is so beautiful. I'm sure
that there is nothing that can replace it. Your smile
would light up my world, when things would get dark
and it's always there as if you had a permanent facelift
Here is the key to my heart, you can take it.

I remember nights in the park,
laying on the grass, gazing at the stars.
I even gave one of the stars
your name cos it was the brightest.
You are my pearl,
and no other girl
can compare in the slightest

The kind of love we have is deep, See
it's way deeper than the deep sea
and it's no secret,
like PDA it's out in the open
everybody can see it
i don't need EA cos I don't play games,
well, except tag, and I really wanna be it

I'm trying to catch up to you
cause i want you to be her.
The mother to my kids, the one I can kiss
and cuddle with on those winter nights
when I get so cold like (the habitat of) a polar bear.
The one I can call my dear,
my queen, to build castles together with
with no fear. I'm a snowman,
you're the sun, and I melt every time you are near

Your presence makes my knees buckle,
you make me chuckle
especially when i take a peek
at my wedding ring,
and I promise to keep
the vows we made, cause baby,
you're my everything
Track Name: aísthēsis
Exercise: here is a map,
point, to where love is

Hint: love is.
love is a city

made entirely of bubbles
built in the sky.

Fact: most people try
to touch it before it disappears

Question: how do you locate a place
that no longer belongs on
a map? I don't know, I can't tell.
I can't tell if I have been
here before, but i like it
here, it feels like somewhere
I can lay my head, sleep

and not worry whether
they (whoever they are) will
come to
burn our city to the ground

My heart is a fickle
builder, it's always
building sand castles that
crumble far too soon

but this city, of buildings
with towers that ever point
skyward, stands

and refuses to crumble

My point is this:

it has not always been like this
I could not always
point. (I) still cannot
point to the where
or the when

that was the start to this
but I started to notice
the way our bodies

spoke in ways our
mouths did not yet
have a language for,

how, we, with our hugs
would linger
a second or two longer
than we would before

as if to say:
it's okay,
it's okay,
you can stay

It seemed like there was a lot
we were trying to say

Say, for example,

That night,
when you let me touch
Your hair
Or rather
when I did, at first
Without permission,
And then again
After I asked

what I didn't say
was that
my hands wanted to touch
More than just
Your hair

what I didn't say
was that I felt a certain
kind of honor to run through
my fingers individual
strands of what happens
to be the most noticeable
thing about you,

the only thing that most
will ever get to know
about you unless they choose
to come a little closer

I didn't really know much
about you. You didn't really
know much about me either.

We've always seen
each other from afar
but we both chose
to step a little closer

We talked

about your hair
And the journey
that it - much like you
and I - has taken

I listened. I heard

I touched
your earlobes

and so we talked
about your favorite color
and your earrings

Small, almost unnoticeable
much like I imagine the world
makes you feel sometimes

When again it does,
when you do,
I'll offer to hold
you in the palms of my hands

My hands, though not entirely small, are still trying
to find their place in this vast world,
so it shouldn't be a surprise that
they wandered to your thighs

long after we had talked
about our favorite parts
of our bodies

I suppose they wanted
to feel what you felt

when you, with so much
pride, announced
your thighs as one
of yours

My hands, oh my hands,
they wanted to touch
The rest of you

My lips
wanted to touch
yours, and taste

the many words we left

even though
we spoke for hours

about things
that mattered
and things
that frankly did not

I don't know
if it matters
that at first
I was afraid

but there is still so much
to touch on about our lives
that Father time will have to allow us

so, when that time comes,
if that time comes,
I want you to know how much
it matters that I am no longer

to reach out and touch
the rest of you - the parts
that most won't notice,

the parts you wouldn't
dare share with anyone else

I've spent my whole life
chasing the wind, attempting to
grasp something worth holding
on to; something that's always
been within reach

I suppose it was always you
Track Name: Butterfly
See, I never quite understood
why certain words would recur
in my poems, words
like wings, fly, sky...

...until I met you

And like the butterfly your name is
it perches on the petals of my brain
and remains there
until it transforms itself into a sculptor
and carves
out of my wood face
a shape that mimics the crescent of a moon

...Your name

Your name is a descendant
from ancestors of shapeshifters
'cause it has the capacity
to light up my face whenever I hear
or think about it, like
when someone turns on a switch
in a room saturated with darkness so heavy
like a mother about to give birth or
like the sky on a cloudy day, heavy
with rain, and this rain
is what will make the flowers to bloom again

Your name...

If I was told that I would never fly
I would tell myself that I would at least try. I did.

And like every little kid, Santa is my best friend
and for me every day is Christmas. Last Christmas,
one wish made it to the top of my list - wings, and
last night, my journey to the sky started

And just when my arms were getting tired
I saw you,
sitting elegantly
on a flower you've made your home; the sun

over-zealously casting all its light
to reveal the radiance of the colors on your wings.

It blinded me

I do admit,
that it was for this reason I fell


See, I don't know much
but I know this:
that if this was to be a fairy-tale
then every man on earth would be peasants
and the lucky guy that gets to fall
in love with a queen like you
becomes a king. So,
let me ask you this:

Will you be
to me
what a crown is
to a king
what the stars are
to a night sky
what wings are
to a butterfly

And, what if I told you

that my stomach is an ocean of cocoons
with millions of butterflies inside

waiting to escape, waiting

to spread their wings
and fly
into the welcoming arms of the open sky?
Track Name: aGAPe ft. Brian & Victoria
Love is so complex that it baffles
the simplest of minds, yet so simple
enough but still the most complex of souls
cannot unravel its puzzle.

I don’t know much about love
because my rational calculating mind
finds it hard to comprehend
and there is yet a kind of love
that steeps down the slope of incomprehensibility

It keeps playing tug of war
with my heart, pulling me
to join the other souls who
are drowning in its ocean.

And once in a while,
I get pulled in but I fight
to stay afloat
take a deep breath, then swim
against its ever-flowing tide
in order to reach the shores
of rationality where I think myself
safe. But this kind of love does not play it
safe, and it keeps pulling
so it can close the gap created
by the distance between this place
where I stand, and the space
that has the other end of the rope.

The GAP between the letter A,
which represents ALL SOULS
and E, where he as a gap model
walked the runway
to close the gap between the runaway
child and his Father. The kind of love
that seeks to close the GAP
I sometimes am tempted to believe
is between me and my Father.

The precious type of love that braces
itself up to close the gap, like the braces
in the mouth of my friend, Precious. Precious
like a prosthetic leg that closes the gap
between what remains
of the amputated feet of a war hero and the ground
where we all would fall flat on our faces, like
when we were babies, learning to take our first steps
attempting to reach a table but can’t quite reach it
but Mom, being the hero she is
quickly drawing the table nearer to bridge the gap
created by the distance between the place
where we stand
and the table.

The doubts I feel in my mind are real
like how to most, this surreal
kind of love can feel so real
but still I question
if it is just a fable

I find it hard to accept that this model
actually bridged the GAP when he paraded himself
on the runway so we could all freely move
from point A to hE, to HE who is esteemed
as perfection, at whose feet ALL SOULS
who believe STAND, once and for ALL

He made himself an open show, withstanding
jeers and sneers, no standing
ovation, it’s beyond my understanding
what could have possible inspire him
certainly not the monetary profit
cos if it was him the prophet
was actually speaking about
he had “no beauty that we should desire him”
But since no one was up to the task
he became the brand ambassador
for the brand we loved the most - GAP
and modeled it fashionably well
Surpassing Adidas in the number of stripes
he had, his fashion statement was loud and clear
It is finished, he declared, as he walked off the runway
the check mark on his Nike shoes resounding in echoes,
a reminder for us all that we can now cross off everything
on our to-do list.

But still, I find it hard to accept
but I can’t help but ask myself
“what if he really did bridge the GAP?”

Love is so complex that it baffles
the simplest of minds, yet so simple
enough but still the most complex of souls
cannot unravel its puzzle.

I don’t know much about love
because my rational calculating mind
finds it hard to comprehend
and there is yet a kind of love
that steeps down the slope of incomprehensibility:

Track Name: stop
We are tuned to give away props
to those who give a way to us,

but when what we give away’s not
appreciated or reciprocated is when the giveaway stops.

But I'll suggest that we should give away stops,

STOP. Here’s a stop

for you, wrapped and enclosed in a box
and no, I did not forget the ribbon,
it's for you to stop

and enjoy life for a minute,


and take a look at the sky on a cold night,
how for comfort
the sky wraps itself in a blanket of stars


and take a look at the colors displayed
on the wings of a butterfly

STOP, like, when you approach a
stoplight and you don't want to
stop, right? I know, I know

the light is not yet red,
but it’s almost though. I know,

I know you can still make it
if you just press the accelerator
a little more,

but STOP. Let the cars
in the other lanes pass you by, don't
be in such a hurry. I mean we should

give away stops like:

This should put a stop
to your pain. A stop like: Stop

trying to think about
what others might be thinking
that you're thinking
that they're thinking
that you're thinking
that they're thinking. . .

because just like this sentence,
it just complicates things, so

STOP and think about

the ones you love and the ones who love you,

STOP, and reflect on the legacies left
by the ones you lost

and say bye. Hop in your car,
drive away to a solitary place
where you can be alone with your thoughts

And never forget that your past memories
are kind of like your old parents
you just don't leave them,
but you revisit them over
and over, and over and over, and. . . so,

STOP! See, I hate to stop

as well but I must. And if I had an extra stop,
I would give it away. And now,

let’s just pretend that I have a stop
watch, because it will soon tell me

any moment from now
that I have to

STOP. And so, with the little time I've got
before my time is up, I'll say this: a lot

of things happen, even when you stop!